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Why carry out scientific research in space? What experiments have been done? What use are they? Who will benefit from them? In what way is space a special environment? Can we reproduce this environment on Earth? And so on …
These are just some of the questions that the ULISSE project and ULISSE website will be answering.    


Tue, 24/05/2011
Astronaut doctor, a rare profession

A meeting with Dr Brigitte Godard, who recently joined the team of...

Fri, 12/11/2010
An extraordinary study to test artificial gravity !

François Xavier took part in the last bed-rest study which took place in June-July 2010 in...


->They come back after 500-day simulated Mars trip

The record-breaking simulated mission to Mars has ended with...

->Handbook of space experiments : Laboratory Sciences with Space Data

The European Union-sponsored ULISSE project focused to explore...

->8th European Space Weather Week

November 28 - December 02, 2011 - Namur, Belgium