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Why doing scientific research in space? Which experiments have been done? What were their objectives? Who will benefit from this research? Why is space a special environment? Can we reproduce this environment on Earth?
These are just some of the questions that the ULISSE project will be answering.

The space environment is a new environment for mankind, mainly characterised by the radiation, the weightlessness and the confinement.
Experiments conducted under space conditions, very specifics, allow us to understand a great deal about our life on Earth and make considerable technological progress. Likewise, they are essential in preparing for future space travel and will help astronauts to live and develop within their new environment
Space is therefore a unique laboratory for scientists who wish to carry out new scientific experiments, ones that cannot be conducted on Earth.
Numerous examples exist to confirm this hypothesis and demonstrate the need to experiment under space conditions and therefore justify the presence of astronauts in space.
This website explains what is the space environment and what are its characteristics. It also presents some experiments in different fields of space research. When the information already exists elsewhere, Ulisse website will give you advices to find relevant information. In addition to various articles, you will find expert testimonials, news and a youth section.

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